Dogs at the Whalebone

The Whalebone is managed and staffed by a team of dog-lovers so your four legged friends are all welcome. We simply ask that their owners are on a lead and well behaved. Don’t forget to ask at the bar for something from the treat jar for your trusty companion.

Please note; not all of our customers are as fond of dogs as we are so could we please ask that they are kept on a lead at all times and that you bring a blanket or a coat to put down on the chairs if your four legged friends are used to their home comforts and will be sharing them with you. Thank you.

Dog of the Month

Introducing Marley, the Whalebone’s latest Dog of the Month.

Marley is a four year old ‘Mastador’ (a Bullmastiff Labrador cross) who visits us with his owners Emma and Josh.

As you can probably imagine, Marley is a big lad but he’s a gentle giant who loves people and other dogs. Unbelievably, Marley was a “bag of bones” who was destined to be put down until Emma and Josh rescued him just three weeks ago, and thank goodness they did. He’s definitely landed on his feet with his new owners, who describe him as the perfect dog, and he’s filling out nicely, getting back to his proper weight.

Marley has already shown himself to be a total Mummy’s boy, although he does love a game of ‘rough and tumble’ with Josh. He also enjoys playing with his yellow ball, although if you see him chasing it I definitely wouldn’t get in his way!

Next time you’re in, keep an eye out for Marley and go say hello, if he’s around then you should be able to find him quite easily, he’s certainly not hard to spot!

If you think your dog could be our next Dog of the Month then why not pop in with them and have a word with Rob, our Webmaster and chief dog photographer! We always have a jar of treats at the bar to keep your four-legged friends happy, along with a wide selection of quality drinks and snacks to hopefully keep you smiling too.

Phone: 01603 425482
The Whalebone Freehouse, 144 Magdalen Road,
Norwich, NR3 4BA