When you visit the Whalebone look out for Harvey the Labrador. He belongs to Steve the General Manager and will be your friend for life if you share a piece of our delicious Pork Crackling with him!

Harvey is generally a placid old boy but he is not a great fan of puppies. With this in mind, please allow Harvey to approach them rather than allowing them to approach him!

Four legged friends are all welcome at the Whalebone so long as their owners are on a lead and well behaved. Don’t forget to ask at the bar for something from the treat jar for your trusty companion.

Please note; not all of our customers are as fond of dogs as we are so could we please ask that they are kept on a lead at all times and that you bring a blanket or a coat to put down on the chairs if your four legged friends are used to their home comforts and will be sharing them with you. Thank you.

Dog of the Month

Introducing Ellie, the Whalebone’s latest Dog of the Month.

Ellie is an eight and a half year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who regularly drags Brian, her owner, in to the Whalebone as he tries to walk past.

Despite being a small breed, Ellie certainly has a surprising amount of strength and determination on her side and it’s very rare that Brian manages to walk past once Ellie has decided she’s coming in for some fuss, a biscuit and a catch up with pub dog Harvey – she’s got a serious soft spot for ol’ Harv!

Ellie is the perfect example of a Cavalier King Charles, displaying all of the traits that are associated with the breed, including being highly affectionate, playful, extremely patient and eager to please. Like most of our canine regulars, she’s also very fond of a biscuit or two

Luckily we always have a jar of treats at the bar to keep your four-legged friends happy, along with a wide selection of quality drinks and snacks to hopefully keep you smiling too.

Phone: 01603 425482
The Whalebone Freehouse, 144 Magdalen Road,
Norwich, NR3 4BA