When you visit the Whalebone look out for Harvey the Labrador. He belongs to Steve the General Manager and will be your friend for life if you share a piece of our delicious Pork Crackling with him!

Four legged friends are all welcome at the Whalebone so long as their owners are on a lead and well behaved. Don’t forget to ask at the bar for something from the treat jar for your trusty companion.

Dog of the Month

Introducing Darcey (r) and Olha (l), a pair of gorgeous Bernese Mountain Dogs who belong to Becky and Mark, two of our regulars.

We asked Becky for some information about these two gentle giants and here’s what she said:

Darcey (aka Dafty), pictured on the right, is five years old and her hobbies include chasing squirrels and pinching balls, snoring and playing new instruments!

Three year old Olha (aka Angel), pictured on the left, likes barking, chasing Seagulls and telling Darcey what to do. She’s also a fan of cuddles, tummy rubs and Sudoku! They’re clearly a rather intelligent pair!

Bernese Mountain Dogs, or Berners as they’e affectionately known, originated in Switzerland where they worked on farms herding livestock and pulling carts.

Shy by nature but also incredibly friendly and loyal, you know you’ve made a friend when a Berner jumps up and puts its paws on your shoulders for cuddles; weighing in at up to 53kg there’s certainly no way you’ll miss their affectionate advances.

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